April 26, 1994

April 26, 1994

Dear God,

Thank you for the blessing that you poured out on me. Yesterday you provided the job at Lazerquik for me–full time plus benefits and bonuses.

J. the manager can really sympathize with the situation that I am in now. He came through a hard time and started at Lazerquick when he was 23 too. At the beginning of my interview J. told me that he had been filled in on the situation and that one of the other employees already knew about the whole situation through her church.

God, you are so good. It seems as though almost everyone knows about what has happened with Nancy. Please give me the grace that will allow me to encourage these people to trust you more by my example.

Thank you for the time that T. and I had together last night. Some of the things that the speaker said didn’t sound right, but T. and I had a good talk afterwards.

I do wish that I could introduce Nancy to more people, or watch her continue to bring joy to all those who knew her. She was a gifted conversationalist. Her wit and grace charmed everyone. I loved getting together with the men’s group with our wives. Nancy was the neatest in settings like that. I often played the straight man, but I didn’t care. Nancy was in the spotlight.

Last summer when we got together, L. and some of the other guys were talking about diets. L. said that he had been doing fairly well, except that in front of the TV one night he ate a whole bag of peanuts. Nancy said, “So you’re following the “reward yourself” philosophy of dieting.” That amazed me. Nancy would continually say things in those types of settings that would amaze me. I didn’t know where she would come up with such clever things like that. Thank you God for such a dynamite woman.

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